unc cheek clark building

The UNC Cheek Clark Structural Repair and Renovation project consists of renovating the existing facility into shared office space for the Housekeeping and Building Services Department. Due to deterioration caused by water intrusion, three built up wood roof trusses partially collapsed. Addressing the collapsed trusses provides an opportunity to renovate two departments to the open office campus standard. Providing a large break room, conference rooms, and computer training and kiosks facilities that may be utilized by departments within or outside of the facility creates more efficient use of space and fosters collaboration. The trusses will be repaired and along with the wood roof decking exposed to view to create an element of history and character to the building. The new building layout is designed to take advantage of natural lighting in both office and public spaces. Insulation will be added to the roof to increase the building’s energy efficiency. Along with efficient LED light fixtures, the existing mechanical controls and valves will be replaced to provide better use of the existing systems. Low VOC and high recycled content products will be specified throughout. The building shall remain partially occupied during renovation, requiring a multi-phase construction period. The phasing was structured to maintain safe egress and access to occupied office spaces, break rooms, and restrooms at all times. Huffman Architects is leading the team to provide full architectural, structural, PME&FP, cost estimating, and site/civil services.