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Leesville Library's plant & book swap featured in Midtown Raleigh News

The Leesville Community Library is holding its annual plant and book swap on Saturday. If you haven't visited the library yet, maybe this event will get you there.

"The little library in the woods," at 5105 Country Trail, opened in 2009. It's actually a medium-size branch by Wake County standards. But, in my opinion, the draw is not the number of books it houses - it's the beautiful building that houses the books.

Dan Huffman, the architect who designed the building, situated the front entrance level with the top of a hill within the 55-acre Leesville Community Park. The rear of the building is raised up on steel columns.

"The basic concept," Huffman said, "was to create a seating area that makes people feel like they are sitting up in the trees."

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