middle creek library

On March 4, 2017 Huffman Architects helped open to the public Wake County’s newest community library. It was designed around five concepts that we feel drive modern library design. These are: Integration of Technology, the Library as a Community Center, Ability to Address All Age Groups, Flexibility of Use and Thoughtful Space-planning. In conjunction with these concepts, we used passive sustainable strategies, such as building orientation, views and shading devices to save costs, while creating a building that is skillfully integrated with its site and surroundings. The library is made up of three predominant areas. The largest is the main reading room designed with an open plan that allows free views throughout the space for staff and patrons. This space has large floor to ceiling windows on the North and South with large overhangs. Using the book shelves themselves, space is divided into Children’s, Youth and Adult books. Study and reading areas occupy the perimeters of the main space. Through thoughtfully-arranged furniture and minimal partitions, the story time area is acoustically separated from the rest of the space. The two remaining areas of the library consist of solid blocks of space with punched openings. One houses staff offices, a break room, book drop and a workroom. The other houses restrooms, a copy area and mechanical space. These volumes serve as counter points to the more open floor plan of the book and reading room. They are also used to help separate the youth areas from the adult reading areas.
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