leesville community library

The library was conceived as a pavilion in the trees, an elevated forest perch for reading and enjoying natural views. A solid brick-enclosed volume with punched openings for fenestration houses all the service related spaces. A much larger reading pavilion with uninterrupted views houses book stacks and study areas. Natural materials were used throughout the library to complement the natural setting. Red clay brick, natural patina zinc panels and honey colored woods create a welcoming and unified palette. Aluminum and insulated glass walls surround the pavilion with continuous glazing along the tops of the walls. This creates the illusion that the wood roof is floating above the space. Day lighting was also a primary consideration . The long axis of the building is oriented to maximize southern exposures. The over hang on the southern face of the building controls solar gain and glare while the northern face brings indirect natural light into the building. The forest is thick enough to effectively shade the building year round. This project was completed while Dan Huffman, AIA was a principal at Cherry Huffman Architects (now RATIO Architects).