brier creek ems

The Brier Creek EMS Facility is a re-visioning of a previous prototype station. This station has a similar plan layout of offices, dayroom with kitchen, dorm area, storage, and vehicle bays, but the exterior elevations and roof forms are an entirely different design. One simple gable roof covers the entire building, with a small perpendicular gable to give the entry hierarchy and shelter. Two colors of brick are used on the exterior. These two colors serve to break down the mass of the building and correspond with its interior functions. There is a 12’ datum around the top of the building above which there are metal panels for exterior cladding. This material change creates a clean detail above the overhead doors and where the top of wall meets the roof. Interior finishes are durable and attractive. Through our experience with finishes from the EMS 3 renovation and the Wake County Fire Station Dormitory project we made informed decisions about which building materials work well for this type of public safety project.