aquatic propagation facility at yates mill park

The objective of this study was to determine the feasibility of the site and the existing A.E Finley Research and Education Center at Yates Mill Historic Park to house and support the captive breeding of aquatic species like the Dwarf Wedgemussel. The design team studied the breeding process of the Dwarf Wedgemussel, toured an existing captive breeding facility at NCSU, and researched other breeding facilities with similar programs. Huffman Architects guided the group through an intense programming phase, working closely with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wake County, NCSU and the design team. In an effort to understand each propagation phase and the equipment required, the design team put together Space Needs Summary Sheets which the US FWS and NCSU filled out to provide information about equipment and activities, water source needed, maximum spill capacity that may occur, electrical needs, storage needs and adjacency requirements. The design team then used this information to model each piece of equipment and guide the arrangement of spaces and equipment in multiple design options.