a.e. finley ymca

AE Finley YMCA was built in the early 80’s and is the largest branch of the YMCA of the Triangle. This project began as a visioning and master plan to renovate and add on to the existing building. During the masterplanning we worked closely with the YMCA to identify areas for expansion and opportunities to reorganize the existing interior. The main goals were to bring more light and views into the building, improve the adult member experience, create a new entry sequence that highlight all the activities within, and to improve the operating efficiency for the YMCA staff. This masterplan created an overall direction for the phasing and future projects at the AE Finley YMCA. The first phase of the masterplan included a full renovation of the lobby and minor renovations to the aerobics and wellness corridors. In the lobby extensive removal of walls opened up the space to allow for a comfortable lounge/ cafe area, space for viewing the indoor pool and a new kiosk style front desk. The existing stairwell was opened to the lobby and six skylights were added to bring natural light into the back of the lobby and down the stairs. Sound absorbing wood walls and ceiling panels add a beautiful and functional element to the space.